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Jason Carter is a classical-flamenco-world guitarist, who collaborates with artists from across the globe. Natassa Mare is a Greek singer. Together, they are unlike anything I have yet heard. How to describe a collection so unique, and without any obvious reference points? For a few starters, try the hypnotic guitar patterns and ambience of Note For A Child - (“Infinity Fields”) - mixed on the faster runs with a dash of mid-years Gordon Giltrap, while Mare gives us a more upbeat and sensual version of the resonant vocals in Gorecki’s Third Symphony - (“Going Home”) - seasoned - (on “Marks Piece”) - by occasional bursts of Kate Bush. Tracks here could accompany various scenes, from Lord of the Rings moments to bright whirls of dancing undersea life.

Rarities usually prove to be either oddballs or treasure. This disc is definitely one of the latter.

Derek Walker,
Phantom Tolbooth, USA

Natassa Mare is a charismatic as well as singular singer songwriter. An artist of high prescriptions, with classical music education, sensitivities, imagination, technique, modesty and all things required for someone to “say” something special through the art he or she proposes. Following the example of international artists of her field, such as Ute Lemper's, she does not hesitate to experiment with and visit various music sites. Having been influenced for many years by different music trends, jazz, ethnic and others, here she is now delivering a personal disc, titled “a”, the extract of her musical quest. Her personal stigma is always present in the songs she presents. The listener accepts the invitation to a journey during which Natassa Mare is the guide with her attractive, sometimes eerie, sometimes immaterial, sometimes ecstatic voice. The words and the meanings of her verses, her sky, her sea, the breaths that live beside her, the silent moments of her thoughts, her dreams and her nights, all these lead us to a musical Ithaca, which is exciting and romantic every minute. A musical Ithaca that comes alive through an intoxicating and inviting song. We hope the songs by wonderful Natassa Mare will soon be heard outside the Greek borders. Her musical horizon is definitely hiding more treasures. We are looking forward to it.


Constantine Carabelas Sgourdas,

Member of the Greek Music and Theater Union of Critics

Member of the critical committee of the International Contests Vincenzo Bellini and Sigismond Thalberg

For art work we have naked bodies in various states of embrace telling graphically what is happening aurally on this singular album where flamenco/classical guitarist Jason Carter teams up with Greek neoclassical singer Natassa Mare for a meeting of musical minds. The skin-on-skin feel of the booklet seems to let us know that bodies were made for embracing, they fit together so well. It's a mirror image of the aromatic nylon strung music and lingering voice of two people who fit so well together musically, it's joy and peace to listen to. The mournful descending chords and smartly executed arpeggios of the British guitarist are inspired and quite moving. In "Guten Morgen Mein Angel" (if angels do listen to music then this is the sort they would listen to) the sweetness of the morning calls to me through music that is both aching with weight and airy with its lightness. If you ever wondered what the Sirens sounded like when they sang to Ulysses then Natassa's haunting voice may be somewhere near it. Sometimes when the word "classical" is mentioned many popular music lovers switch off, but it would be wrong to write this off as a strict measure by measure classical performance. There are overtones of jazz, world, flamenco, sitar, Greek and even the simplicity of children's nursery rhymes with hints of a number of other styles besides.

None of the songs are sung in English but it matters not a jot.                                                


Paul Poulton,
Cross Rhythms, USA

The magic encounter of a musician who travels in the sound of cultures of the world, of Jason Carter with Natassa Mare, a profoundly healing voice. We have to taste the musicality in the silences of their songs or the profound peace in the pulses of their music in order to experience that all things are here. Through his travels in all around the world, the composer becomes intermediator, transmitter and reconciler of oppositions, which, in another case, seems frighten. On the other hand, observing the poetic way of Natassa, the soul takes courage by transforming energy into forms, allowing the creation of new, dynamic forms of energy. Natassa has the ability to unite different kind of music in one and only vibration. This is the way her voice is made. It sense, reveals and is guided by the musicality of the words. Every moment of the cd is full of human presence. Here’s a dreamy travel or a multicultural experience.                                             

Rea Kalogianni,
Scientific collaborator of the A.U.T.H. and the University of Maine in France,

Responsible of the International French-Speaking magazine “Synergies” in Greece

NaNatassa Mare | Jason Carter
MMEDEA by Nickos Harizanos

Nikos Touliatos | Natassa Mare, Duo

Collaborating with

Philippos Kostavelis, Piano

Petros Damianidis, Double Bass


Free improvisation, jazz / contemporary music @ Duende Jazz Club, Thessaloniki

Nikos Touliatos | Natassa Mare DUO
Thessaloniki Film Festival @ Thessaloniki Cinema Museum

Nikos Touliatos | Natassa Mare DUO
Sound of Art @ State Conservatory of Thessaloniki

Natassa Mare | Lakis Tzimkas

Natassa Mare | Apopsis Trio

JFK International Jazz Festival 

Natassa Mare moumtzidou 4tet

Filippos Kostavelis / piano

Agamemnon Mardas / double bass

Timotheos Hill / drums

Nikos Touliatos | Natassa Mare DUO

3rd European ELE / PHANTASTICO Festival

Action Art "Days of Fairytales, Miracles and Spells"

with British guitarist JASON CARTER

Giorgos Varsamakis
From the album INSIDE ME


from the Italian Director Marcantonio Lunardi

Composer Tania Gianouli


Workshop: "Voice & Contemporary Art" at Doorn, Holland

An amazing moment with Mr. Rudy Pos, during Natassa Mare's workshops.

Last day of workshops. Students are picking up their own phrase, trying to express themselves by improvising with just this one phrase.
"Come out if you dare"

Workshop: Voice & Contemporary Art" at Doorn, Holland

Last day of workshops. Students are picking up their own phrase, trying to express themselves by improvising with just this one phrase. Special thanks to Mrs. Willie Ruizendaal-van Diermen, a wonderful and blessed lady.
"Such a special workshop".

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