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«The Embrace» has come in the centre of all inspiration which is Eros, experienced as the absolute union and at the same time the absolute loss. Natassa Mare sings and recitates with the imprint of the human breath. With her voice as a guide, we touch words, which underline aspects such as the fond centre of all things, the maternity that penetrates the universe, the uniqueness of each person as he experiences common and diachronic moments but valuable and irreplaceable. The body impressed like a fragment into the album’s photos, it reveals through music and lyrics as the raft of the invisible, a guard of the unreturned moments, a body that is inornate, within in its nakedness, lacking expressions, pretence, motives and dealings. It is the body of the soul ceaselessly moving in the wave of Eros.


Vassiliki Fitoka,

Collaborator of the Center of Research for the Greek Language

I'm Roland Barthes speaks of the “grain of the voice”, of audible seeds that fertilise a given space, and create altogether new, distinct, livable spaces. Natassa Mare constitutes a unique rare instance of a voice with such grain that, in its dispersion, creates new, livable spaces. It is a voice that does not trespass on the music, nor does it follow it subserviently; rather, it enters the music like an unintrusive thread, creating the impression of a traveler, wandering through different rooms. This voice honours the relationship between music and prosody; and it honours silences, one of the most crucial factors in the production of space. It is a voice that guides, without commanding. This is what makes “The Embrace” stand out as a record, for it is a dense map of spaces that exist in actuality, or may be created in potentia. a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Danae Stefanou,
Lecturer in historical musicology, Department of Music Studies, School of Fine Arts,

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki




Natassa Mare has tirelessly participated in the music scene with careful moves, a broad spectrum of quests and channels to express herself. In the nine themes of “a”, Natassa Mare creates an album of high aesthetics, with reference to the erotic talk, belonging to easy tempo jazz orchestrations, oriented towards chill out atmospheres.                                         
Ethereal vocals, erotic metaphysical verses with a poetic attitude. All these in the “a”, which gets full marks for its production and final product concerning both sound and expression. It deserves our congratulations, indeed. 


Michael Polyhronis,
Difono magazine










I'Her musical influences come from the international music scene and spread from the west side of ethnic to jazz and ambient. Natassa Mare, however, manages to give them personal identity. This is the most important element in her album, titled “a”, which is the beginning of everything, and, therefore, half of it. The disc is dominated by the virtues of a songwriter who has a clear knowledge of the space she wants to move in and a specific personal position. Through her album Natassa Mare expresses her position on orchestration (faith in the eminence of improvisation), on performance (the soft innuendo instead of the outgoing “statement”) but also on the verse (free poetry instead of the structured couplet and refrain). The cd creates the sense of a continuous journey, its songs being the different views of the same global scenery.The sense of globalization is intensified by the alternation of the languages. Greek coexists with the English and French verses.


M. Nikos Moraitis,

Echo & Artis magazine

Natassa Mare moumtzidou
Natassa Mare moumtzidou
Natassa Mare moumtzidou
Natassa Mare moumtzidou
Natassa Mare moumtzidou
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