Natassa Mare Moumtzidou is a founding member of the international organization “Interaction International ADELPHOPOIESIS” and was a Member of the "Greek Association of Tourism Journalist & Writers – EDSTE”, which collaborates with international, long-range organizations such as UNESCO, FIJET, OMJET.


From 2015-2017 she collaborated as a radio producer with the Main Radio Station of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, FM 100.6. She also holds the position of the Artistic Director of the greek famous web Radio Station «StarClassic Radio».

* Dr. Argyro Moumtzidou, in charge of the Scientific Project "Feasts of Multilingualism" of Thessaloniki

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* George Saratsis, Poet, Author

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* Thodoris Voutsikakis, Singer

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* Teti Solou, Cartoonist, Translator, Writer

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* Lamprianidou Leonarda, Artist, Painter

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* Theater Of Allote, Dimitris Vassiliadis, Actor | Barbara Doumanidou, Actress, Director

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* Giannis Lekopoulos, Singer

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